Sunday, 18 January 2009

The History Of China---Qin Dynasty.

Today I will tell you about the history of CHINA ----Qin Dynasty,I think you will be interest in it.
The Qin Dynasty was the dynasty that redefined China. The emperor of this era wanted to conquer the warring states that the Zhou Dynasty had in essence created. This emperor succeeded and China was one nation once more. Upon conquering all the warring states, the emperor pronounced himself as the first emperor of China or, Qin Shi Huang Di. This was the first time outside forces knowledged the existance of another race of people, and aptly named the nation China after the then current dynasty, the Qin.
The Qin empire was vast. The first emperor pushed China's borders South to current day Vietnam, and current day Korea. But the central kingdom was still in the Yellow River Valley. Regardless, of all the accomplishments of the Qin, the best known is the Great Wall of China. Qin Dynasty is well known for beginning the Great Wall Of China.which was later augmented and enhanced during the Ming Dynasty.

Emperor Qin Shi Huang was a tyrant despite his contributions to the country. To prevent his people to think freely, he burnt many books which he feared would affect people's thinking. Worse, in his second year, after he learnt some scholars' discussions about his arrogance, he buried 460 of them alive. In history, these two events are called 'To Burn the Books and Bury the Scholars Alive'. And yet, at the same time, the Emperor built luxurious palaces, the Great Wall, the famous Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses, together with his own mausoleum, by imposing on the masses, through hard labor, heavy taxes, and rigorous law and military service, giving the community a difficult and arduous existence.

Qin Dynasty is so cool. i love the pottery soldiers.they are so cool. If you have chance you 'd better visit Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses and Qin Shi Huang Di 's mausoleum.I think you will be interest in it .

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Satisfactory Holidays

It was Chirtmas holidays .My friend ang I go Langkawi together.That is a beautiful and sacredness place.Bule sky, sea flowed into one ,i like there very much .Swimming ,play at the beach,see sea ,listen to music ang missing one person in my heart....
Beautiful!Romantic!there has many lovers .youny one , old one...
At there my firends ang i eat chinese i missing my hometown and my family.
There not only have the sea but aslo have the mountain .
My firend ang i are very happy to go to langkawi .
we like there very much.

Monday, 5 January 2009


Today i will tell you about moon's story.this story's name is CHANG'E FLIES TO THE MOON!

Houyi , seeking perpetual youth, obtained the elixir of immortality from Queen Mother of the West who lived in the Kunlun Mountains. Returning to his palace, he confided the good news to his wife Chang'e, a lady graceful of carriage and unparalleled of beauty, very much loved by her husband.

One day, when Houyi was out, Chang'e secretly swallowed the potion in the hope that she would become immortal. The result was quite unexpected: she felt herself becoming light, so light that she flew up in spite of herself, drifting and floating in the air, until she reached the palace of the moon.

She is regarded by later generations as the goddess of the moon. This beautiful story has always been liked by the Chinese and provides a favourite allusion for poets and writers.

Chairman Mao Zedong's poem in memory of his martyred wife Yang Kaihui has these well - known lines:

The lonely moon goddess spreads her ample sleeves

To dance for these loyal souls in infinite space.

Here, in the Chinese original, the name Chang'e is used instead of "moon goddess". The figure of Chang'e, a beauty dressed in the elegant garments of a bygone age floating towards the moon, naturally supplies unending inspiration for painters and sculptors.

This story tell us~can not just the pursuit of perfection!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

My hometown!

My a beautiful city -----Urumqi.Xinjiang.China.A from the sea at the furthest place.Xinjiang is biggest provincal city in China.Although Xinjiang is a very arid place.but there are have many fruit.Urumqi is a clean city.Where the building is magnificent. Traffic is very convenient.I love my hometown.

In my hometown .there's a lot of work.For example.Businessmen,Doctors.Workers.Teachers and so on.The people in my hometown do during their free time they can shopping,eat a big meal,paly with friends etc..there work very hard. Like the United States here. Like the people here. Like the snacks here. Like everything here. Last ten years. There are so busy. Is not so beautiful. Ten years ago, but it's still here so attractive. I love here.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Mao mao in malaysia!

It is very beautiful here .
The people here is very warmhearted.
I like here very much.

My darling and I .

Don't whose picture it is .

My dear and I.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

I think i can fly.

At the moment.
I thought you ,my baby.

Yestoday.My boyfriend and I said good-bye.Those who say good-bye the reason is very simple.Because we are too far.I am very uncomfortable.Because we are too long time together.He is in Russia.I am in Malaysia.can't be together .
Mr.sheng ,I love you. so I let you go ..
Have not you .I still can fly freely.

I think I can fly!


My name is Ma Xiaotong.
My Muslim name is Fatuma.
My English name is Echo.
So,you can tell me Fatuma.
I'm study in Universiti Malaysia Perlis.
Our head muster is very lovely.
I like he very much.

There is very beautiful.but there have many mosquitos.
There food is very delicious.
There people are very kind-hearted.
Our new house is very clean ang comfortable.
I like it.

Today.we have third listens.
There teachers are very good .
I like there people very much.

I hope make there friends .
I think we can happy ever time.

that's all.